Seneca Foundry is proud to offer a variety of molding processes (green sand, lost foam, and nobake) allows us to give the customer the best solution for their casting needs. 

Molding Equipment:

No Bake molding equipment line  Photo of two nobake molds created by Seneca Foundry.
Hunter HMP-10, Flask Size 14 X 19
Hunter HMP-20, Flask Size 20 X 24

Lost Foam Equipment:

Dip tank & drying ovens
Bead handling system & flask filling station
GK Compaction Table

Melting Furnaces:

Two Ajax 2-ton Induction Furnaces Photo of a Furnace created by Seneca Foundry in Webster City, Iowa.

Core Equipment:

Dependable D100
Dependable D200
Redford HS16
Redford Core Blower, #4
No Bake

Finishing Equipment:

Sinto Barinder Automatic Grinder

Three Cincinnati Grinders Photo of a Clean and Ship belt at Seneca Foundry.
Wheelabrator - 14 cubic foot
Tabor Cutoff Saw
Toledo Weigh/Count Scale, Electronic

Heat Treatments, including:

Stress Relief

Photo of a Seneca Foundry Heat Treatment.


We have built strong relationships with dependable, high-quality firms who specialize in Pattern Making, Machining, Plating and Heat Treating.  We can handle your complete casting job.