Seneca Foundry High-Quality Equipment

Seneca Foundry manufactures gray and ductile iron castings, ranging in size from ounces to 250 pounds. We rely on our Total Quality Management system to ensure standards, processes, and procedures are in place. We can then provide high-quality castings to our customers. 

Seneca Foundry uses a combination of the latest software and years of hands-on foundry experience to help our customers. We use SolidWorks 2019 3D modeling software, SolidCast solidification software, and FlowCast fluid analysis software prior to production.

Low volume runs, reliable delivery, our partnership approach, and being flexible to the customers' needs is what sets Seneca Foundry apart.  We strive to work with customers early on in their casting design process. We can then deliver quality casting at a competitive price.

Equipment Used

We understand the need for and work with customers to help reduce their costs of receiving, inspection, and handling. We do this by meeting specifications on packaging, boxes/containers, lot quantities, and just-in-time deliveries. We can handle your complete casting job with the reach of our advanced equipment.

Seneca Foundry is proud to offer a variety of molding processes like green sand and nobake. This allows us to give the customer the best solution for their casting needs. 

Image of Molding Equipment

Molding Equipment

Hunter HMP-10, Flask Size 14 X 19
Hunter Linear Handling (HLH) line
Hunter HMP-20, Flask Size 20 X 2

Photo of a Furnace created by Seneca Foundry in Webster City, Iowa.

Melting Furnaces

Two Ajax 2-ton Induction Furnaces

Image of Core Equipment

Core Equipment

Dependable D100
Dependable D200
Redford HS16
Redford Core Blower, #4

Photo of a Clean and Ship belt at Seneca Foundry

Finishing Equipment

Pangvorn Shot Blast
Two Sinto Automatic Grinders
Sinto Barinder Automatic Grinder
Three Cincinnati Grinders
Wheelabrator - 14 cubic foot
Tabor Cutoff Saw
Toledo Weigh/Count Scale, Electronic

Photo of a Seneca Foundry Heat Treatment

Heat Treatments, including

Stress Relief

We have built strong relationships with dependable, high-quality firms that specialize in Pattern Making, Machining, Plating, and Heat Treating. 

We can handle your complete casting job.

Seneca Foundry's high-quality equipment is available to meet your needs.