Seneca Foundry uses a combination of the latest software and years of hands-on foundry experience to help our customers with the best casting services for their application. Offering a variety of molding processes (green sand, lost foam, and nobake) allows us to give the customer the best solution for their casting needs. 

We are committed to providing high value to our customers from the beginning design assistance to finished production castings.  We understand the need for and work with customers to help reduce their costs of receiving, inspection, and handling by meeting specifications on the packaging, boxes/containers, lot quantities, and just in time deliveries.

We have built strong relationships with dependable, high-quality firms who specialize in Pattern Making, Machining, Plating and Heat Treating.  We can handle your complete casting job. Contact us today with any questions regarding casting or employment inquiries. A service representative will be in touch shortly after the Contact Form has been submitted.

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