Seneca Foundry offers a variety of 3D Scanning services with the Romer Arm, 3D Scanning Reports, Color Mapping, and Reverse Engineering capabilities all made possible with our total quality management system.

7 Axis Romer Absolute ArmImage of a 3D Scanning layout used at Seneca Foundry.

7 Axis Romer Absolute Arm is a versatile metrology tool that is a one all replacement for traditional measurement devices. The probing accuracy is certified according to ISO 10360-12, with full scanning system accuracy certified according to ISO 10360-8.

At Seneca Foundry we dignify ourselves on our consistent quality. To achieve this, we are continuously evolving with technology to stay at the forefront of our industry.

The acquisition of the Romer Arm has helped us to do just that. This device used for dimensional layout on raw castings has allowed us to check more dimensions at a higher accuracy giving ourselves and customers a comprehensive report of the product. The devices unique technology has eliminated the need to fixture each part before inspection; with little to no setup time along with the dependability our customers receive reports faster.

3D Scanning Reports

The 3D Scanning Reports go above and beyond a standard dimensional report. Seneca Foundry also takes advantage of color mapping, reverse engineering, and the ability to inventory scan files.

Example of a 3D Scanning Layout Report.

Color Mapping

Seneca Foundry's color mapping with a 3D scan compares surface deviations of our castings to a 3D model, pattern, and other castings like gray cast, lost foam, and ductile cast irons. The information given from a color map allows for better decision making in a timely fashion.

Image of a Seneca Foundry color map with a 3D scan.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering with a 3D scan is a quick and cost-effective way to get a product out the door and back to the customer.

Inventory of scan files

An Inventory of Scan Files assists in total quality assurance over the life of production. During the initial sample, casting scans are saved and can be used to identify any changes over time.

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