From Humble Beginnings

Seneca Foundry began in Iowa in 1935 when McCollough's Inc. purchased a small locally owned foundry. The parent company used the foundry to supply them with cast iron parts for hog feeders and waterers. The two businesses were separated in 1955 when Robert McCollough purchased the foundry and his brother, John, purchased the hog equipment manufacturing plant from their father, McKinley McCollough.

Seneca Foundry moved to its present Iowa foundry site in 1972 when Webster City Products purchased the old foundry location to expand its plant. For the first time, our foundry had electric melting equipment which provided more control over the metal chemistry, environment, and quantity and quality of the metal. Another electric melting furnace, more floor space, and two more molding lines were added in 1976. Automated molding and sand mixing machinery were added in 1980.

Seneca Foundry uses sand molding and 3D scanning processes to produce gray and ductile iron castings using our total quality management system. Our sand molding combines time-tested techniques with the latest control systems to produce dimensionally consistent castings with excellent surface finishes. Our constant monitoring with in-house testing and commercial laboratories allows us to produce all of the most popular grades of gray and ductile iron with the greatest machinability.

We have experienced continual growth

We have experienced continual growth due to the total quality control of our products and the service we provide to our customers, large and small.  Our employees' commitment to teamwork and efficiency in providing high-quality products and services to our customers has earned Seneca Foundry an outstanding reputation as a leader in the industry.  We pledge that commitment to all of our customers.

We are committed to improving processes and efficiencies in creating high-value castings for the customer and a safe, growth-oriented workplace for our valued employees. Today Seneca Foundry has a strong focus on lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.  We are committed to continuing to provide value to our customers with our partnership approach to solving problems and having a flexible schedule to get quality castings delivered on time.

Celebrating 100+ years

We invite you to explore our deep and rich history over the last century by reading A Century of Growth: The Seneca Story!

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