We understand your need for consistent quality, but also for consistent customer service. Seneca Foundry is committed to improving processes and efficiencies in creating high-value castings to the customer and a safe, growth-oriented workplace for our valued employees. Today, we at Seneca Foundry have a strong focus on lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.  We are committed to continuing to provide our core values to our customers with our partnership approach in solving problems and having a flexible schedule to get quality castings delivered on time.

Seneca Foundry Core Values:

1. Dedicated, Committed, Services Customer Above All Else

2. Does the Right Thing

3. Helps First, Team Builder

4. Interested in Continuous Self Improvement, Self Motivated

5. Treat Everyone with Fairness & Respect

6. Data-Driven, Root Cause Analysis, Continuous Quality and Improvement

Photo of a Cut Off Saw Spark.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today using our Contact Form. A service representative will be in touch shortly after the Contact Form has been submitted. Thank you!