We understand your need for consistent quality, but also for consistent customer service. Seneca Foundry is committed to improving processes and efficiencies in creating high-value castings to the customer and a safe, growth-oriented workplace for our valued employees. Today, we at Seneca Foundry have a strong focus on lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.  We are committed to continuing to provide our core values to our customers with our partnership approach in solving problems and having a flexible schedule to get quality castings delivered on time.

"This company will treat you like gold because, to Seneca, you ARE gold. It's the most important part of this company, the people who do the work."

-Dwight, Seneca Team Member for over 22 Years

Seneca Foundry Core Values:

1. Dedicated, Committed, Services Customer Above All Else

2. Does the Right Thing

3. Helps First, Team Builder

4. Interested in Continuous Self Improvement, Self Motivated

5. Treat Everyone with Fairness & Respect

6. Data-Driven, Root Cause Analysis, Continuous Quality and Improvement

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