Engineering & Casting Design Services Photo of a Seneca Foundry solid cast.

Seneca Foundry uses a combination of the latest software and years of hands-on foundry experience to help the customer with the best iron casting design for their application. We use SolidWorks 2019 3D modeling software in conjunction with SolidCast solidification software and FlowCast fluid analysis software to look for any potential issues prior to going into production.

Working together, partnership approach...

Low volume runs, reliable delivery, and most importantly our partnership approach and being flexible to the customers' needs is what sets Seneca Foundry apart from all others.  We strive to work with customers early on in their casting design process so that we can deliver a quality casting at a competitive price.

Converting weldments...

One way our experienced engineering staff can help customers is to convert costly weldments into quality castings.  When compared to weldments, the casting will provide more consistent quality, a more attractive appearance, and significant cost reductions for the customer by reducing labor and material requirements.

Additional services...

Our pre-production assistance extends beyond casting design and developing manufacturability into the material selection, pattern acquisition, sampling, layout, and quality certifications.

  • Pattern & Core Box acquisition:  Seneca Foundry has a long history with top-notch pattern makers. Whether you have an older pattern that needs fixing or if a new pattern is being created, we work closely with the pattern shop to develop your tooling.

  • Heat Treating:  In-house, we offer heat treatments including annealing, normalizing, and stress relief.

  • Machining, Plating, and Painting:  Our goal is to deliver a product to you ready for use.  Working with experienced and dependable shops, we offer finishing services to meet these needs.

We are committed to providing high value to our customers from the beginning design assistance to finished production castings.  We understand the need for and work with customers to help reduce their costs of receiving, inspection, and handling by meeting specifications on the packaging, boxes/containers, lot quantities, and just in time deliveries.

Evolving Solutions

With over 100 years of experience, we have adapted our business, the products, and services we offer to meet the evolving needs of our clients! We lead the way as we bring Iron to Life every day!

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