Seneca Foundry, a respected Iowa casting company, has a diverse customer base serving industries from agriculture to industrial to cookware and everything in between. Offering a variety of molding processes and services like green sand,nobake molding, and 3D scanning services allows us to give the customer the best solution for their casting needs.

Seneca Foundry has a diverse customer base and serves many different industries and applications:

♦  Agriculture, machinery & equipment

♦  Automotive & Truck & RV's

♦  Cookware

♦  Pumps & Valves

♦  Construction

♦  Industrial Equipment & Components 

♦  Railroad

♦  Fire engine pumps & water valves

♦  Tire changing machinery

♦  Oil Industry

♦  Radiator fan clutches

♦  Petroleum valves

♦  Electric motors

♦  Hydraulic cylinders

♦  Weight lifting equipment

♦  Playground equipment

♦  Components on your home fireplaces 

♦  Water & sewer fittings

♦  Irrigation systems

♦  Elevator equipment

Seneca Foundry uses a combination of the latest software and years of hands-on foundry experience to help our customers. We use SolidWorks 2019 3D modeling software, SolidCast solidification software, and FlowCast fluid analysis software before production. 

Our top-of-the-line equipment includes molding equipment, dip tanks and drying ovens, bead heading systems and a flask filling station, Ajax 2-ton induction furnaces, core equipment. finishing equipment (such as automatic grinders, Cincinnati grinders, a Wheelabrator, Tabor Cutoff Saw, etc.), heating treatment equipment, and more. We're proud of our strong relationships with dependable, high-quality firms that specialize in Pattern Making, Machining, Plating, and Heat Treating.

Are you ready for Seneca to bring iron to life for your company?

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