Seneca Foundry, a respected Iowa lost foam casting company, has a diverse customer base serving industries from agriculture to industrial to cookware and everything in between. Offering a variety of molding processes and services like green sand, lost foam casting, nobake and 3D scanning services allows us to give the customer the best solution for their casting needs.

Seneca Foundry has a diverse customer base and serves many different industries and applications:

♦  Agriculture, machinery & equipment

♦  Automotive & Truck & RV's

♦  Cookware

♦  Pumps & Valves

♦  Construction

♦  Industrial Equipment & Components 

♦  Railroad

♦  Fire engine pumps & water valves

♦  Tire changing machinery

♦  Oil Industry

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♦  Radiator fan clutches

♦  Petroleum valves

♦  Electric motors

♦  Hydraulic cylinders

♦  Weight lifting equipment

♦  Playground equipment

♦  Components on your home fireplaces 

♦  Water & sewer fittings

♦  Irrigation systems

♦  Elevator equipment