Quality Assurance:

We understand your need for consistent, high-quality castings. With over 1,400 unique part numbers we employ a Total Quality Management system that relies on skilled personnel trained in the latest QC procedures, modern testing equipment, and comprehensive process control. This ensures standards, processes, and procedures are in place and working to provide high-quality castings to our customers from start to finish. Although capable of doing high volume work, our niche is in low volume, producing anywhere from 1 to 1,000 piece runs. 

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Quality Control:

  • Spectro-Analytical Spectrometer

  • Electro-Nite Data-Cast for Thermal Arrest

  • MeltLab System for C.E. Carbon

  • Green Sand and Core Sand Process Testing

  • Beuhler ECOMET III Sample Polisher

  • Microscopes                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

  • Use of SPC and Pre-control charts for critical processes

  • Work Instruction Sheets on every unique part number for all casting operations

  • 7 Axis Romer Absolute Arm utilizing 3D scanning for comprehensive dimensional layout reports


Castings produced at Seneca Foundry are made according to ASTM A48 for Gray Iron and ASTM A536 for Ductile Iron.

Tolerances are based on ISO 8062-3:2007.

Castings manufactured with the green sand method can be expected to have a surface finish of 560-900 RMS.


Image of Seneca Foundry's SpectroMaxx Spectrometer.

You expect quality, and we provide it. 

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