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Seneca Foundry provides integrated gray and ductile iron casting project management and production. Services include pattern making, metal castings and machining.

Our goal is "speed to market" for the customer.


Webster City, IA
Position Description This position is responsible for the quality, including prevention of scrap defects related to sand or metal and maintaining accurate chemistries within the iron. The Quality Manager is the... [ View ]
Webster City, IA
Some of the people that BRING IRON TO LIFE! Bring your career to life by clicking the APPLY NOW button below. This position is responsible for production within a cell (in... [ View ]
Engineer & Design Info

"Gray iron", "grey iron" or "cast iron", they are all the same and produced by Seneca Foundry.

  • Gray Iron and Ductile Iron
  • ADI or Austempered Ductile Iron
  • High Silicon Moly Ductile Iron

Come play in the sand and try your casting ideas!

Buyers Info

  • Seneca will call you back.
  • Seneca's goal is to return a quote  in 3 days or less.
  • Seneca works to meet your need for Speed to Market
  • Seneca has tools to fix excess spending money on casting problems.
  • Seneca can improve your inventory turns.

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